Introducing is a platform for travellers to find accommodation that suites their style, budget or preferred location. It provides a way for hotels, guest houses, lodges and serviced apartment businesses (suppliers) to list their rooms or space and reach potential guests online.

HaeDanPa platform

A solution for travellers

Travellers including business executives, tourists, and families all needs accommodation for lodging whilst remote and hotels, guest houses, lodges and the like have always been the obvious choice. Even though these accommodation suppliers are known to exist, the information and knowledge gap with accommodation seekers still remain a challenge. With HaeDanPa, travellers can find the best accommodation tailored to their style, budget or preferred location in minutes. Finding accommodation on HaeDanPa is very easy and straightforward. Travellers can now plan and budget their trip before they even set on their journey as connects them to suppliers directly. They are able to see the room packages, prices and other information set by suppliers themselves. Travellers may even call and make reservation with the contact information provided. The accommodation search experience now becomes very easy and fun with

Helping grow businesses

Managers or owners of hotels, guest houses, lodges, serviced apartments and other entrepreneurs in real estate rentals are now able to list their products online to gain maximum discoverabilty both locally and globally. The Digital in 2018 report shows that over half of the world’s population is now online (4.021 billion). Ghana alone had 9.28 million active mobile Internet users representing over 32% of the total population. This change undoubtedly affective human behaviour including potential customers of suppliers in the hospitality industry. There is now an opportunity, more than ever, for both small and larger businesses in the hospitality industry to acquire more guests online. is designed to enable suppliers pitch various product offerings such that its easy for guests to choose. Suppliers have full control of their account and product listings and they are able to tailor their message for their target audience. has been well received by most suppliers in Sunyani and we are confident about getting similar positive response in other areas. We continue to help onboard more business and we hope to accelerate our growth and coverage across Ghana to serve guests travelling to other parts of the country. We are very exited with the problem we are solving for suppliers and welcome all suppliers to come onboard.

Join the growing number of hotels, guest houses, lodges and entrepreneurs using HaeDanPa to grow their businesses. You can get started by creating a Haedanpa Suite account at or learn how it works to list your room and conference packages or serviced apartment on You may Contact Us anytime for more information or incase you encounter any issue.