Introducing HaeDanPa Suite

We’ve been hard at work for the past couple of months and we are very exicited to share with you what we’ve been working on. Last year, we announced the release of ― our accommodation and space search platform for travellers and a way for hotel businesses to promote their room and conference packages to reach more guests. To further help hotel businesses and others to grow and become more productive, we’ve designed another product in the form of HaeDanPa Suite.

HaeDanPa Suite

A suite of apps for businesses

HaeDanPa Suite is designed to house useful and easy-to-use apps to help businesses grow and be more productive. It comes with an App Center for discovering and subscribing to apps based on your business type, needs and workflow. Also, you can manage your app subscriptions, billing and customize your account settings with the simple and intuitive user interface ― making things more easy and straightforward for people with limited IT skills.

A better experience for hotel businesses

Since the release of, we’ve received feedback from early adopters and thought through how we can better improve the experience of businesses in the hospitality industry in promoting their packages on HaeDanPa Suite is designed with several benefits to addresss real-world problems such businesses face and also make it more accessible to smaller businesses. With that in mind, we’ve released a Manager app as the first of several other apps yet to come in the HaeDanPa Suite App Center. The Manager enable hotel and serviced apartment businesses to add, manage and publish their packages on the platform. We’ve also introduced a new subscription based pricing model which includes a free plan for very small and early stage busineses to use to grow ― as shown on the pricing page.

A solution for other businesses

With HaeDanPa Suite, there’s a potential to extend the benefits to other buinesses to grow, reduce operation cost, and become more productive. With that in mind, we are researching, designing, and working on a number of apps and solutions, and will hopefully announce something soon. We are also looking into further enhancing the user experience with a number of new features and improvements to make more businesses feel at home in HaeDanPa Suite.

We are optimistic about this move and believe every hotel business will greatly benefit from the HaeDanPa Suite offering. We hope you’re excited as we are and curious to try it in your business. You can learn more about HaeDanPa Suite including how it works at