Facilities on HaeDanPa.com

Making trip planning fast and convenient has always been a high priority with HaeDanPa.com. To further improve the user experience in this area, we’ve added a section for facilities as part of the information available to guests on suppliers’ profile page.

Supplier facilities on HaeDanPa.com

The profile page of suppliers on HaeDanPa.com has always shown their packages for guests to choose from. However, it also important to know the facilities available at the host destination. The new facilities section is now available for suppliers to add their facilities to help guests know what to expect when visiting. This addition will not only help guests learn more about the host destination, but also provide additional valuable information for making choices faster.

Hosts can add their facilities through the HaeDanPa.com Manager app provided in HaeDanPa Suite console. They have the option to set the total number of units of each facility (if applicable) and the number available for use.

Add facility in HaeDanPa Suite

Supplier facilities in HaeDanPa Suite

We’re very excited for this new feature and hope you do too. We continue to listen to users feedback so let us know what you think about this new addition.