A Feedback Feature In HaeDanPa Suite

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on several features including a way to collect feedback from our customers to improve upon their experience in Haedanpa Suite. Hence, we’re very excited to ship our new feedback feature ― which let’s you send us your feedback easily right from HeaDanPa Suite’s console. Below are the highlights. Make sure to let us know what you think.

Sending us your feedback

HaeDanPa Suite users can now send us feedback from the support menu revealed by clicking on the blue (dodger blue) Floating Action Button located at the bottom right corner of the console as shown below;

The Floating Action Button revealing the feedback menu

From the menu, click on the Send us your feedback (Form) menu option to reveal the feedback form ― where you can select the type of issue and enter a message to send.

Feedback form

Sending feedback from the support page

Alternatively, you can click on the SEND FEEDBACK button whilst on the support page. This will equally reveal the feedback form.

SEND FEEDBACK button on support page

We hope this feature will enable you to easily send us your feedback and issues you may encounter. We love to hear from you about your experience using HaeDanPa Suite including useful features you find missing.