Topping Up Your HaeDanPa Suite Account Credit With Mobile Money

One reliable way of making payment for services in HaeDanPa Suite is using account credit. Account credit enable users to store money in their account to be used for payment of services and recurring billing safely and reliably. Being fully integrated into HaeDanPa Suite, account credit is a more reliable and faster method to make payments even when the Mobile Money network is not working.

Credit of an account in HaeDanpa Suite

Mobile Money is a system of payment supported by most telecom operators in Ghana and other African countries. It enable subscribers to deposit, send and receive money on their phone.

Topping up your account credit through Mobile Money is very well supported in HaeDanpa Suite, so in this short post I’ll show how you can do that in two simple steps.

1. Go to your billing page

Click on Billing from the sidebar (which can be show on mobile using the top left menu) to go to the billing page where you can see your account credit balance. Credit of an account in HaeDanpa Suite

To top up, click on the TOP UP button to show the mobile money payment form.

Credit of an account in HaeDanpa Suite

2. Enter your payment information and approve payment

In the mobile money payment form, enter your mobile money account phone number, the amount you want to top up with and click PAY. You’ll be shown instructions on how to approve the payment on your mobile money account phone, if necessary.

When using MTN MoMo, you’ll be shown instructions like these:

MTN MoMo approval instructions

On Airtel Money, you’ll be prompted to approve straightaway:

Airtel Money approval instructions

Only MTN MoMo and Airtel Money are currently supported, we are working on integrating more mobile money offering from other telecom operators soon.

Once payment is approved, your account credit will be topped up with the payment amount instantly.