Announcing Contacts Manager

For the past 6 months we’ve been working tirelessly on our next app in HaeDanPa Suite called Contacts Manager. Its designed to help entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, organizations and the like, store and organize all their contact information in one place, keep notes, and send SMS messages. I’m very happy to announce to you the release of Contacts Manager in HaeDanPa Suite.

Contacts Manager in HaeDanPa Suite

Designed to be flexible, simple and fast

Add contacts easily

Add a contact

Adding all your contacts is straightforward. Click on NEW CONTACT, enter the contact’s name, and an optional email address & phone number. You can toggle the Show Additional Inputs switch to add extra information right away such as the contact’s group and schema (more on using groups and schemas below). You can also add profile pictures to make contacts easily identifiable at a quick glance.

Contact profile showing profile image

Group contacts to stay organized

Contacts can be organized into groups by adding them to any of the pre-existing groups or by creating your own under the GROUPS tab.

Groups tab

The groups of each contact, if any, is available at a glance for quick identification and retrieval.

Groups of a contact

Groups enables you to stay organized by having your contacts categorized. You may create groups such as Students, Employees, Members, etc., depending on your use case, and put appropriate contacts into them.

Indentify contacts using tags

Tagging contacts by associating them with certain keywords and colours (tags) for identification at a quick glance is well supported.

Tags of a contact

Whilst groups provide a more powerful feature for categorization, tagging enables you to mark contacts which may or may not be in the same group with tags for quick identification and retrieval at a glance.

Store custom information with schemas

Right from the start, we’ve thought about how we could design Contacts Manager to be flexible for storing different kinds of information. The kind of information a business might want to store about their customers is different from the requirements of a school. Even businesses of the same kind sometimes store different kinds of information. Schemas enable you to define a group of fields (schema) which can be assigned to each contact for storing custom information.

Entering custom information for a contact

Contacts Manager already comes with built-in schemas such as Person, Business and Place for storing the contact of a person, a business and a place respectively.

Schemas tab

You have the option to create your own schema to suite your special needs.

Add schemas dialog

Find any contact quickly

When you have a large number of contacts, Contacts Manager has you covered with a powerful but still simple search and filter for finding any contact or set of contacts quickly. You can type any keyword such as contact name, email address, phone number or tag name in the search input to find a match.

Search box

The filter can be used to specify certain parameters such as groups or schemas for the contacts you want to retrieve ― a great feature for finding specific contacts quickly.

Filter contacts dialog

Send SMS messages with one click

Keeping in-touch with contacts or being able to quickly pass information to them is quite handy and Contacts Manager gives you exactly that. Sending SMS messages to your contacts is as easy as a click of a button. You are able to select contacts you want to send a message, click SEND SMS to enter the information you want to deliver to the selected contacts.

Send SMS dialog

A business may use SMS messages to notify a customers about the arrival of an order, promotional offers or even well wishes. A school might want to pass information to parents about an upcoming PTA meeting or even a last minute adjustment made to the meeting date. Its all possible, this and many more use cases, right at your finger tips.

Helping you stay organized and more productive when working with customers, students, members, clients, suppliers and the like is exactly what Contacts Manager is designed for. We hope you’re exited about Contacts Manager and looking to try it in your business, group, organization or association to see how it can improve your workflow. Visit the product page at to try it now.